How to prevent ingrown hairs

How can I prevent ingrown hairs?

How can I prevent ingrown hairs?

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If you’re like me and 100,000 other Americans you have problems with ingrown hairs. I think you will agree with me, that it’s a semi-embarrassing situation that can lead to a lot of pain. 

Our blog post ” What causes ingrown hairs” explains some of the major causes of ingrown hairs.  After reading that you will realize that it’s not always in your control because of hair and skin type.  But for the majority of people, you can treat and prevent ingrown hairs. 

Ingrown hair, razor bumps and shaving rash can be treated and prevented with some of the advice and products found on

How can I prevent ingrown hairs?

Good question! You can prevent ingrown hairs!

The best way to prevent ingrown hairs is to determine whether shaving or waxing or any other hair removal methods are the cause of them. Choose the method which irritates the area the least. You may have to experiment with a few hair removal methods but over time but you should eventually find one that works.

What does an ingrown hair look like?

Shaving:”When shaving, there are a few precautions that can be taken to prevent ingrown hairs including proper shaving techniques and preparation of the skin before shaving. When shaving, applying the proper amount of lubrication (in the form of shaving cream, gel, or soap) is important to prevent the hair from being forced underneath the surface of the skin. Also, the application of too much force with a razor can contribute to hair that is cut shorter than the surrounding dermis.[4] Using a beard trimmer at the lowest setting (1 mm or 0.5 mm) instead of shaving is an effective alternative.” Wiki

In this article you will learn Tips to learn how to prevent ingrown hairs, razor burn, shaving bumps and bikini rash.


Waxing is often the solution that people choose to prevent ingrown hairs. When choosing to wax, make sure that you choose a professional that has been certified and has reputable reviews. The esthetician or waxing technician should be able to explain to you the proper way to care for your skin before and after waxing.  You can also try home waxing but the results will likely not be as good as a job as a professional.

In this article you will learn Tips to learn how to prevent ingrown hairs, razor burn, shaving bumps and bikini rash.

Trimming: is another method of preventing ingrown hairs.  While you won’t get a completely “bald effect” you will be able to keep the hair at a more ruly length. There are a lot of really good trimmers out there! 

HPL Hair removal: The most effective way to prevent ingrown hair is HPL hair removal. Hpl hair removal methods are more of a permanent solution.  We’ve done countless hours of research and have found the highest-rated Hpl system. has voted the Silkn system as the #1 hpl hair removal system!
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How scrub gloves can prevent ingrown hairs

What if it’s not from hair removal?

If you have found that none of these hair removal methods affect your ingrown hairs then it is likely because you are not exfoliating enough.  Invest in a really good scrub brush to prevent your ingrown hairs.  

No matter what method of preventative measures you take to prevent ingrown hairs, you should use the following tips for post waxing or shaving:

  • Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize every single day with a pumice glove.  Use only liquid soap!

  • Don’t wear tight panties, pants or leggings 

  • Keep hands away from touching freshly waxed or shaved skin. This can encourage irritation or small pimples.

  • Opt for a shower. Don’t take a hot bath or sit in a hot tub for a few days after hair removals 

  • Stay away from tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms for the two days.

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You can prevent ingrown hairs with some of these handy products!