Tweezer Addiction

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You know you can never have enough tweezers right? There are a wide variety of tweezers out there on the market so which is the best one for you?  Depends what you are doing with them. Plucking, poking, tweezing, pinching , the list is endless. Which tweezers fuel your tweezer addiction?

The History of Tweezers

“Tweezers are known to have been used in predynastic Egypt. There are drawings of Egyptian craftsmen holding hot pots over ovens with a double-bow shaped tool. Asiatic tweezers, consisting of two strips of metal brazed together, were commonly used in Mesopotamia and India from about 3000 BC, perhaps for purposes such as catching lice.[2]

The word tweezer comes from etwee which describes a small case that people would use to carry small objects (such as toothpicks) with them. Etwee takes its origin from French étui “small case” from the Old French verb estuier, “to hold or keep safe.” Over time, the object now known as “tweezers” took on this name because the tool was commonly found in these tiny carrying cases. Eventually, the word “tweeze” was accepted as a verb in the English language.

There is evidence of Roman shipbuilders pulling nails out of construction with plier-type pincers.”-WIKIPEDIA

Types of Tweezers


Tweezer Addiction- We love these tweezers
Flat Tip

Tweezer Addiction- These are one of our favourite sets of tweezers

Needle Tip
Tweezer Addiction-Do you love these needle tip tweezers?
Angled Tip

Tweezer Addiction

Which tweezers are the best?  

It’s hard to say which are the best because they are all so different and are used for different things.  Also, it depends on the person that is using them.  Because of this, we decided to separate the tweezers by price point.  

Tweezers Under $10

Tweezers $10-$20

Tweezers $20-$30

Tweezers over $30

See, There are hundereds of tweezers to choose from. Find the one you like the best and buy 2!
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Tweezer Addiction
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