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One of the methods of ingrown hair prevention tips we mention is laser hair removal.  If you go to a clinic or a salon that can be quite costly. When we were researching the home lasers we came across this post. With the permission of Tania Rice, we are reposting it here for you!


The best laser hair removal machine for home use! This is my fav beauty products of all times! Home laser hair removal for ingrown hairs

Home laser hair removal for ingrown hairs

A couple of years ago I had a client who was looking for the best laser hair removal machine for home use. Initially, she looked into purchasing laser packages at a local spa here but quickly realized that she couldn’t afford it.  

When she asked my opinion on it, I revealed that I myself used a home lasering system 8 years ago! I know! It seems funny that an esthetician who waxes people for a living would use a home laser.  Well, why wouldn’t I? I’m just like over 50% of the population who would prefer if the hair was gone forever on certain parts of my body.

I knew that this person valued my opinion and asked for it even though potentially I would be losing a waxing client.  I’m not hurting for clients or business. And in the end, that one client has referred over 15 clients to me. And she herself still comes to me every once and awhile.  

I would rather my clients purchase items and products that I trust than waste their money.  So I put some time in it and researched the best laser hair removal machine for home use. After a long process, I found the Silk’n brand company.  They are fantastic. They have the best reviews and great service. After emailing back and forth with one of their reps, they asked about the backstory as to why I would do this when it means I could lose business. After I told them, they were kind enough to direct me to their affiliate programs so that I would at least earn a bit of a commission for every person who purchased a system from my link from my website.


More about the Silk’n home laser


Long lasting effects*: Forget about shaving every day or constantly booking costly waxing or threading appointments at the salon.
Safe and easy: A built-in skin color sensor offers superior safety and just one button to adjust energy level settings and turn the device on and off.
Privacy: No more awkward hair removal appointments. Get long-lasting effects* in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
Quick treatment sessions: Our devices offer a smooth, continuous gliding motion for easy use. Also, our devices plug into the wall to ensure a quick treatment and consistent power. You’ll never have to worry that your battery will die before you finish your session.
Gentle on sensitive areas: With Silkn’s hair removal devices, you can treat areas like the bikini line and underarms without any discomfort.*
Silk’n smooth skin: Achieve touchable skin without ingrown hairs or razor burn.
No disposables required: You will never need to buy a replacement cartridge for your Silk’n hair removal device, so you can feel confident you’re making a lifelong purchase.
*Results may vary based on hair or skin type.

Click to find the best price for home hpl hair remover. This is The best laser hair removal machine for home use.The best laser hair removal machine for home use

Now.  If this is something your interested click on the button below to learn more or to purchase.  Thank you for your support!


Check this out!Home laser hair removal for ingrown hairs! It is the The best laser hair removal machine for home use. Permanent hair removal at home has never been so easy!

Home laser hair removal for ingrown hairs
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