How to remove an ingrown hair

How to remove in an ingrown hair

How to remove an ingrown hair

Sometimes Ingrown hairs get out of control and you get a really infected one that just has to go, so how do you remove an ingrown hair?


We recommend seeing your doctor or esthetician for care but we do understand that sometimes it’s the middle of the night and you just have to get it out or you can’t afford to visit a professional. So we came up with this post to help you out.

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What you need to remove an ingrown hair:


We recommend The Slant Tip and Pointed Tweezers made by the Tweezer Guru

What we love about them: Perfectly calibrated tension for more control and a stress free tweezing ritual. Stainless steel slant tip design that is durable & easy to clean.Perfectly aligned tips. This set is incredibly affordable! Tip: Buy an extra set to keep in your travel back so you always have a set on hand!

How to remove in an ingrown hair with the best tweezers

Alcohol pads:

It is important to clean the area before actually performing a removal you will want to buy some alcohol prep pads.  These are handy to keep around the house.  We recommend:

You may want to have:

Tiny bandaids.  Sometimes a hair will create some blood spots.  You might want to apply a small band-aid on the area.  These band-aids are really tiny and inexpensive:

How to remove an ingrown hair

Neopsporin.  This First-aid ointment nourishes skin to minimize the appearance of scars after healing.

How to remove an ingrown hair
Ingrown hair serum. Used to prevent and reduce the appearance of unsightly razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burns.  You don’t want any of those ingrown hairs to come back!
How to remove an ingrown hair

An exfoliation brush.  The best way to prevent those ingrown hairs in the first place is to exfoliate every day.

How to remove an ingrown hair

In conclusion, the best way to deal with those bad little ingrowns is consistent prevention. We have a variety of ways to treat your ingrown hairs.  You could try Natural Remedies or Commercial serums.


If you are a chronic picker you may have developed scars from your ingrown hairs.  Take a look at our most popular blog post on Scar Treatments.


How to remove an ingrown hair
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