The most common questions about ingrown hair.

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  • How do you remove an ingrown hair? Apply a warm compress, then an ingrown hair serum.  Exfoliate the area every day with a gentle scrub or mitt.  This is our most recommended one.


  • Can you pop an ingrown hair? You can, but you can get an infection from this, or it can lead to scarring.

Watch this video on how to remove an ingrown hair properly.

How to remove an ingrownhair


  • How do you get rid of an ingrown hair on your pubic area? The same way as every other part of your body.


  • Do ingrown hairs go away on their own? Some will eventually work themselves out.


  • How do you treat an ingrown hair cyst? Exfoliate every day or use an ingrown hair serum. This is the best seller on Amazon.

Do you have questions about  ingrown hairs, razor burn or bumpsÉ

  • What does an infected ingrown hair look like? It is usually red, swollen and may have some pus.  It is generally in the form of a bump.


  • Can ingrown hairs cause boils? Yes.  If you don’t take care of them, they can become infected or turn into a boil.

Anatomy of an ingrown hair

  • Can you get a staph infection from ingrown hair? Yes.  This is why you must be careful to keep the area clean and treated. 


  • What does folliculitis look like? Folliculitis is a common skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed. At first, it may look like small red bumps or white-headed pimples around hair follicles — the tiny pockets from which each hair grows. The infection can spread and turn into nonhealing, crusty sores.- Mayo Clinic

Picture of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) from Madigan Army Medical Center Dermatology and SAUSHEC Dermatology teaching file

  • How long does folliculitis take to clear? It can take from one to two weeks, depending on the treatment and the severity of the case.


  • How do you get rid of ingrown hair scars? Exfoliate every day and moisturize with vitamin e oil every day to reduce ingrown hair scars. 

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  • Can you get an ingrown hair on your head? Yes.  You can get them anywhere on the body.


  • Do ingrown hairs hurt? They can if they are inflamed. 

Do you get ingrowns on your legs?

  • How do I get rid of ingrown hairs on my legs?  Many ingrown hairs will resolve over time without treatment. It is often best to let them heal on their own and take preventive steps. However, if a person can see the tip of the hair outside the skin, it may be easier to pull the hair out and allow the follicle to heal.


To remove an ingrown hair safely:

  1. Wash the area with mild soap and warm water. If the area is not irritated, gently exfoliate it.
  2. Apply a warm, wet washcloth over the ingrown hair. This can help open the follicle and allow it to drain.
  3. Hold the washcloth in place for 1 minute, then remove it.
  4. Using a sterilized needle or tweezers, gently tease out the rest of the hair.
  5. When the entire hair is above the skin’s surface, use the tweezers to grab its base. Pull firmly upward to remove the hair.
  6. Wash the area again with warm, soapy water, and apply a warm washcloth if needed to help soothe any irritation.

This happy man has finally got rid of ingrowns

  • Do not try to pick out an ingrown hair that is under the skin. This can lead to infection. It may also push the hair deeper into the skin, increasing the time it takes to heal. Source=Medical News Today


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