Prevent ingrown hairs with a few easy tips


No matter what method you choose for hair removal, you must follow a few rules to prevent ingrown hairs. Prevent ingrown hairs with a few easy tips.

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Often people who shave find they have the most problems with ingrown hairs. Follow the few tips below to help try to prevent ingrown hairs. If you still can’t find any relief, then you might want to try an alternative method for hair removals, such as waxing or laser hair removal.

What does an ingrown hair look like

For Shaver’s:

•Shave in the direction of hair growth.  This prevents skin lifting with the hair as the razor goes over it.  When you lift the skin, you cause tiny little cuts that can become infected.


•Apply plenty of shaving cream or gel.  Lubricating the skin so the razor can glide over the skin gently is very important.
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•Exfoliate every 2 days with a gentle exfoliation scrub or mitt. You need to gently need to turn the skin cells over them so the hairs can pop easily through the surface.


•Moisturize every day with a good quality moisturizer will help prevent ingrown hairs.


•Only shave every 2-3 days if possible.  If you don’t need to shave daily back to back, then don’t.  If you’re prone to irritation and ingrown hairs, this will help you.


Prevent ingrown hairs if you shave

For Waxers:

•Visit a professional waxer. This is so important. Often when people wax themselves, they can’t get the right angle to pull the wax strip off or are not trained to pull the wax strip off properly.


•Wash with an exfoliation mitt or brush every 2 days. On most parts of your body, you will need a coarser exfoliation mitt to turn the skin cells over so the fresh new hairs can pop to the surface. The underarms, bikini area and lower legs really benefit from exfoliation.

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•Moisturize every day with a good quality moisturizer.


•Don’t wear restrictive clothing for 48 hours after a wax. Tight clothes rub against the areas and restrict the airflow. This can cause bacteria growth, and little bumps can form, which the hairs have a hard time pushing through.


•Don’t go in a hot tub or bubble bath for 48 hours. For the same reason of avoiding tight clothing, you should only take showers for the first 2 days after your wax.

Prevent ingrown hair if you wax

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